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Back on Track

It's a new year and the holidays are over....So whether you're kiddos are headed back to school or your just looking forward to getting back into a routine, let the transition(s) begin. The holiday season derails most of our schedules - adults and children alike. So as the first full week of January approaches, remember to set reasonable expectations for yourself and your kiddos. There will be tired and grumpy people in your house...

A few strategies:

Visual Schedules: For littles and early readers use those pictures. For older kiddos, text works just as well. Seriously, even the teenagers can benefit from having what's happening after school written out.

Hydration/Nutrition: Push the fluids as this will help with regulating the bodies systems. After all the goodies we have all consumed, get those fruits, veggies and healthy proteins back in the ring.

Get Outside: No matter the weather, get out and breathe in. Take a walk, kick a ball back and forth, play with the dog. 20 minutes outside can make HUGE difference in our ability to cope. It's as important for the parent/caregiver as it is for the kiddos.

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